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If your pet's in need of some T.L.C. come see me!

 Aunt Tina's Pet Spa is about bringing compassion back to grooming as well as providing a family atmosphere keeping it non-institutional,  because in the animal world, grooming is a loving and social event. 

 I am the only groomer, so your pet will get to know, trust and love me just as I will get to know and love them. My philosophy is that the  "institutional" time period of 2 hours to complete a grooming can be unreasonable at times. 

 My cleaning process is the only one used in the Valley, guaranteeing that your pet is cleaned to the skin from nose to tail! I also believe in  getting the parents involved as much as possible with the grooming process. (I have found somethings that are being done at home by  mom and dad, come in handy for me to use as well - so please share) 

 Maintenance is a big part of a dog's acceptance of their grooming process; some of the answers to a common problem are often very  simple: 

  • Combing out the lose under coat hair on your pet BEFORE you bathe will prevent matting and the need to clip them really short.
  • How to get a knot out of my pets fur with out taking out a chunk of their fur. (I'll show you!)
  • How to keep their eyes clean - just ask!

 Probably the most important thing of all would be the social setting for your pet: letting them decide - free range or in a kennel. I will take the  time to get to know your pet in a free and open atmosphere (often not possible in that "two hour" window).  

   I Love all pets and I am Aunt Tina, it's my passion to help make all pets and their families lives together happy and healthy ones!

                                                                                       With All My Love,
                                                                                            Aunt Tina