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​​    To all of my pets and their parents . I want to thank you for support and  patience during my illness and Aunt Tina's Pet Spa adventure . I want to thank you for blessing my heart and soul with all your pets beautiful and healing spirits and souls.

     I would not have been so successful in my treatments or my recovery.Thank you with all my heart.It has been a long and at times difficult yet very rewarding time.My success

with my recovery is due to the love of a great man,loving parents.and all the love and understanding,and patience of my pets and their parents.

     It is my honor and passion to be apart of all your pets lives,I cherish all the time I get to

help better you and your pets lives together.And just as I have promised each and every pet ,that i will love them and i will groom them with respect and compassion and understanding, provide a safe , clean environment.

      I will always be grateful to all the parents for believing in my word as well.  

      For all my problem children's parents thank you for believing in me and my methods.Some take longer than others but i will spend as much time with my last pet as i do with my first,middle and all in between.

       Again Thank you for all your support,love and understanding.I can only hope that I have and will bring happiness to you and your parents,that you all have givin to me.

       enjoy the web site .please any feed back or ideas on how Aunt Tina can better your experience is appreciated.

                                                     LOVE ALWAYS

                                                         Aunt Tina 

Aunt Tina's

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